Simple Website Deployment using ASP.NET.

Tired of worrying about mapping drives, setting up network security, or installing IIS extensions on your web server?

DubDubDeploy is the answer. A simple installation on a centralized executive server, and a small install on each of your target servers, and you're ready to go.

One-click backup and deployment. It's that simple.

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Features in DubDubDeploy

  • One-Click Deploy

    Deploy your website from a staging area to your dev, QA, or production environment with just a single click.

  • One-Click Backup

    Back up your site just as easily as you deploy - one click, and your site is backed up and zipped, stored on your executive server.

  • CruiseControl.NET Integration

    Link your apps to a CC.NET project, and watch as your project is being built.

  • Windows or Forms Authentication

    You can have both Windows-authenticated users and forms-authenticated users set up. In addition, you can provide permissions to an entire AD group, and provide the same permissions to the entire group.

  • Pre-Deploy Diff/Partial Deployment

    Run a quick directory comparison between your staging area and deployment target prior to deployment. You can then choose exactly which files to deploy.

  • Production Safeguards

    Lock down your production directories so that you cannot accidentally or maliciously deploy to production during peak hours.

  • Nant and CC.NET Templates

    Want to get started with Nant and CruiseControl.NET, but don't know how to build your scripts? DubDubDeploy provides interactive script generation - just fill in a few key parameters, and it will generate your CC.NET config file and Nant build scripts in seconds, ready for you to insert into your project. You can modify these templates, or add your own.

  • Wildcard Exclusions

    If your build process puts unwanted files in your staging area, you can exclude them from the default deployment set.

Affordable Website Deployment


Unlimited Targets

Price includes licensing for a single executive dashboard, which can connect to an unlimited number of target servers. Multiple executive dashboards each require their own license. Special pricing is available. Contact us for more details.

Price includes current version (2.0) of the application. Upgrades to newer products or versions may require a new license fee.

Due to the nature of the license model, no full or partial refunds will be available. Please make sure you try the product using the 30-day trial before purchasing it, to ensure that it meets your needs. If 30 days isn't enough, just contact us and we'll be glad to extend your license for another 30 days.

20% Non-Profit/Educational Discount

We offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Contact us for more details.

“I for one LOVE Dub Dub Deploy!! Having used the product in an environment that truly needed automated deployment. I mean, Dub Dub deploy was a lifesaver. It gave our team confidence to deploy versions/releases of software in a pretty fragile environment!!” - Blosme